Projects in the medical equipment area

I2P - from Idea to Products

Text Box: Medica Device
Sub-system tilting, rotating fixing securing one mechanism while the second mechanism in movment

System Specialization
High location accuracy, ergonomically, easily and safely operation. High safe factor

I2P - from Idea to Products

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Text Box: Assistant bushing
Dedicated mobility apparent for inline assembly process of medical device integration 

System Specialization
Fast assemble and disassemble capability by robotic device 
Text Box: Assistant Bushing integration unit
Semiautomatic, automatic for assemble a dedicate assistant bushing for inline assembly process for medical device integration line.

Text Box: Indexer
A mechanism based on gear-motor, appointed for carrying dedicate cassette which supplies parts at medical device inline semi-automatic assembly line.

Text Box: Cassete
Designed for carry 12 pre-assembled units, for integrated them at semi-automatic line of medical devices.
Text Box: Monipulator
A transportation system, aimed for picking and placing parts at semi-automatic assembly line of medical devices.
Text Box: Stracher
A 5 similar 4 axes mechanism, aimed for coaxial enlarging 2 sides of plastic tubular part
Text Box: Semi-automatic motorized screwdriver
High accuracy torque, triple simultaneously operate screwdriver. System have capability of linear movement during operation. Each one of the 3 screwdrivers sense required torque and can independently stop itself operating
Text Box: Combined system for rotating and turning mechanism. Fixing and securing by one mechanism while the second one in  movement
System Specialization
High positional resolution, easy and safe operation, high safety factors
Text Box: System Specialization
Many production stations integrated in this device, which save working spaces and shorten production time.